“The Elevator”

“The Elevator” is an engineered and “Patented” elevated shop creeper designed to assist mechanics, technicians and hobbyist in performing a variety of work functions. Repair under the hoods of (pickup) trucks, 4x4 vehicles, SUV’s etc., until now, required unsafe use of boxes, ladders and home-made scaffolds which often resulted in injury to the technician and damage to the vehicle being repaired.




“The Elevator” provides a safe, and not least important, ergonomic working platform for various activities, while drastically reducing back pain and service technician fatigue!


“ The Elevator” is solidly designed and build for a long lifetime.


Application areas are various; general engine repairs, wiring, car body painting and car detailing.


Special introduction price € 650,= net each.

Now on stock in Rotterdam!


Mentioned price is packed, ex works Rotterdam



  • Reducing back pain
  • Less fatigue, higher efficiency
  • Adjustable in height
  • Easy to move
  • Ergonomic approved


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