Return request

Exchange and return goods

A return request can be submitted by filling in the return request form within 30 days after the date of the invoice. At all times the item must be returned free of oil/grease, unmounted, undamaged and in the original undamaged packaging.




The parts mentioned below cannot be returned:

Electrical parts
- Part specially ordered for you
- Parts which usually are not included in our stock 


If your request is dealt with, you can expect the following assessments:

You can return the item to us without additional costs (with the exception of freight costs) 


Agreed / 15% restock
You can return the article to us, 15% of the amount to be credited, will be deducted


Not agreed
You cannot return the item to us, the purchase price of the item will not be paid back to you 


Credit after sales
you can return the item to us, the item will be included in our stock for 2.5 to 3 years, if within the set period the item is sold, you will receive a credit -/- 25% restock, should the item not be sold within this period, then you will receive a message offering you the choice to take the item back or have it destroyed by us, a credit payment will not be made in that case



After the assessment has been made, you will return the assessment form to us together with the package. The article must be returned to us within 30 days after agreement.


if these procedures have been observed by you, we will proceed to crediting you for your return dispatch, as has been agreed with you. If the right procedure has not been observed, we will not credit you for up to -/- 50% of the amount of the invoice, or we will return the item to you, any costs will be charged to you.