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Below you will find a summary of our American car brands:


Buick onderdelen & onderhoud

The Yank-tank

Pontiac onderdelen & onderhoud

Fuel for the soul

Oldsmobile onderdelen & onderhoud

Boulevard beauty

From the large, luxurious cruisers to the latest, fuel-saving small models: Buick proves that style will never get out of fashion.  »» The legendary car brand was discontinued in 2010, but the sportive, performance-oriented models of Pontiac still enjoy a large public following.  »» Oldsmobile held a position at the top for more then a hundred years. The fact that now only classic cars, old-timers and parts are available, makes the brand all the more valuable.  »»
GMC onderdelen & onderhoud

Kingsize power

Chrysler onderdelen & onderhoud

Seks on wheels

Cadillac onderdelen & onderhoud

Drive DeLuxe

One solid piece of American power on wheels: the luxurious SUVs and enormous pick-ups by GMC. Sturdy with a capital S.  »» Large is OK and a lot is fine, is the motto of the monstrously fast cars by Chrysler. The American car brand is alive and kicking, more than ever before.  »» Exclusivity guaranteed, ultimate driving comfort and solid performance? Mention those three characteristics in one sentence and car aficionados know that this can only be about the unique Cadillac models.  »»
Corvette onderdelen & onderhoud

For Real Speed

Chevrolet onderdelen & onderhoud

The Bestseller

Dodge onderdelen & onderhoud

Drives You Anywhere

The legendary sport scars of the American brand Corvette are well-known for their sturdy appearance, excellent road-holding capabilities and unrivalled race DNA.  »»

The iconic Chevrolet, also known as Chevy, makes world class cars. Their award-winning models have been made to fulfill the driver's every wish.  »»

The American muscles of the Dodge pick-ups and off-road cars are world-famous. You will find the mix of solid HPs, American luxury and as-solid-as-rock reliability in each and every model.  »»

Ford onderdelen & onderhoud

American Classic


Innovative Ford US is one of the ‘Big Three’ in the States. Spaciousness, comfort and all the HPs you need: cars that have been built around the utmost driving experience.  »»